Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters

The Beginning

The Taubert legacy of retailing to the West dates back to near the turn of the century, when Curt William Taubert opened up a general store in the town of Fort Laramie, Wyo, which had become a flourishing trade center of the Upper North Platte River Valley. Taubert's Hardware and Ranch Supply, as it was called, stood on a corner of main street and served the ranchers and homesteaders with goods and supplies from 1919 until 1958.

It was a love for horses that brought young C.W. Taubert to the west. He left his home in Altenburg, Germany at the age of 14 to work with horses at the Berlin Hippodrome, and was thoroughly dissappointed at not being able to see the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show durings its time in Germany. After two years, he signed on with a freighter running cargo all over the Atlantic. In New York City, he jumped ship, never returning to the boat. After some time working in the city, he longed for open spaces and set out for the west. In the spring of 1909, C.W. arrived in Wyoming, and for the next seven years worked as a rider and ranch hand at several different ranches. In 1916, Curt's employers at the JM Cattle Co., recognizing his head for business, made him the manager of the JM Lumber Co. Here was the birth of his long legacy in retailing to Wyoming.

Three years later, Curt William Taubert opened his first store, Taubert's Hardware and Ranch Supply starting the tradition of retailing to the west that has lasted for three generations. For his entire life, he was always proud of his contribution to the shaping of the west as a Wyoming pioneer, rancher, cowboy, retailer, and homesteader.