Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters

The Billings Store

Now, with a whole new generation of western retailers, the Taubert family decided to expand its retailing endeavors.

In 1979 the third generation of Tauberts, with a lot of guidance from their father, Lou, planned and executed the opening of a new location on North Broadway in Downtown Billings, Montana.

The store, with 7,000 sq. feet of retail space, brought the Taubert tradition of fine western retailing to Montana. Carlene operated the store by herself for close to ten years very successfully. In 1989, Anita became actively involved in the Billings store, and the two ran it together for five years. It was in 1994 that Anita took over, and Carlene dedicated herself to special projects for the Casper store.

In 1999, the Tauberts once again realized that they had outgrown their selling space. With business flourishing, the store moved across the street to the corner of Broadway and 2nd, the heart of Downtown Billings, where it has served the west and its worldwide visitors ever since.

With Anita's passion and dedication for Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters, it is easy to see why customers on a daily basis proclaim that there is no shopping experience like it anywhere in the world.