Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters

Saddles and Tack Department

Lou Taubert stands proudly with his great selection of saddles.
circa 1960

Here, you'll find a complete selection of gear you need for life on the ranch, in the rodeo, or just for being outdoors.

For horses and their riders, our Saddle and Tack Deparment has it all: bits, bridles, brushes, chaps, halters, spurs, reins, pads, instructional videos, and 30-50 brand name saddles in stock to choose from. Come in and browse our great selection of other supplies, such as lariat ropes, general purpose ropes cut to any length, rodeo gear like gloves and vests, bear spray, leather conditioning products, pack saddles & packing equipment, and hunting gear. Be sure not to miss our collection of fine silver-mounted bits and spurs.

Our brands include the following:

Billy Cook Cactus
Fabtron K Bar J
Classic Eduardo Garcia